SME Transportation Services provides transportation solutions with integrated cranes in a variety of sizes

The lifting of heavy cargo with the intention of transporting it to the customer’s site and its unloading at that location is done by cranes fixed to the transporting trucks; these are capable of lifting significantly heavy loads.

Transporting cargos with integrated cranes holds great importance for ease of loading cargo onto the transporting trucks, as well as unloading cargo at the customer’s site. Crane-integrated transportation saves precious time, as well as additional loading and unloading costs.

SME Transportation Services, the leading company in the cargo-transport logistical solutions field, provides crane-integrated transportation services. We employ skilled professionals with thorough experience in operating cranes, and put emphasis on safety. All equipment and cranes are closely supervised and are checked meticulously to ensure proper functioning of their systems. To safely transport cargo, we ensure that the entire process is planned and executed well and efficiently, with properly functioning equipment, professional teams of employees, and the proper authorizations and insurance.

SME Transportation Services is an expert in the field, well-reputed and highly experienced with the process of crane-integrated transportation. Thousands of satisfied customers work with us regularly, and many of them recommend us further and bring in new clients. We consider these endorsements to be the best verification of our work, and we work hard to keep that high standard through every endeavor.

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