Business Profile



Services provided by the company:

Transportation by truck:

  • Transportation of LCL’s (Less-than-Container-Load) from all ports, including provision or delivery at a storage facility in accordance with the LCL’s gatepass and storage documents
  • Management of stockroom or warehouse in transition
  • Pickup and delivery of cargo throughout Israel
  • Transportation of cargo up to 15 tons and up to 50 cubic meters within Israel, including ramp-trucks and crane-integrated transportation.
  • Use of subcontractors and performance supervision
  • Transportation of cargo under climate-controlled conditions and refrigeration
  • Invoices issued in accordance to job execution and according to existing price menus and/or price quotes
  • Distribution and provision of cargo for clients who use our team’s storage / logistics services
  • Transportation of cargo, including partial packing/porter/loading at point of pickup.

Professionalism is measured in the quality of services and goods provided, so we at SME Transportation Services Ltd. provide our customers services using the highest-quality equipment.

We own approximately 40 truck of different types, for example: Light trucks up to 6 tons, trucks closed with side panels (“curtains”), closed trucks with rigid panels, long trucks, short, light, heavy, open and closed trucks, Especially low trucks, trucks with air bags, with fixed cranes, with hydraulic ramps, trailers, and the like.

We at SME Transportation Services Ltd. believe that the use of outstanding equipment is not enough to ensure the best product for our customers. The management and operation of this equipment is carried out by expert professionals, managed in a meticulous and supervised manner. Every day, our trucks arrive for loading at the ports of Ashdod, Haifa, and Ben Gurion Airport, and collect and distribute cargo throughout Israel.

Our transportation drivers’ work rosters are coordinated by seven different roster managers, which oversee the drivers using the GPS technology installed in each truck, so the *** schedules are budgeted / schedules’ pace can be followed *** at any time. Additionally, direct wireless contact is kept with these drivers, in order to provide our customers with the transports’ contents in the most exact.