SME Transportation Services Ltd. Provides climate-controlled transportation solutions

SME Transportation Services provides climate-controlled transportation to various locations in Israel, to our customers’ satisfaction. Some cargos are sensitive. Examples include: beverages, meat and milk products, medicine, and more… these require climate-controlled transportation conditions.
SME Transportation Services has all the logistical solutions required to transport cargos in controlled climate and temperature conditions. We own truck with climate control units which include state-of-the-art technology for transportation at a fixed temperature.
SME Transportation Services employs a skilled, professional maintenance team, that conducts inspections and forwards reports regarding specific checkups on an ongoing basis, as well as on the proper functioning an doccasional maintenance doen on the units.
Remember, that in order to provide the best possible service, our customers need to coordinate between the different refrigerated storage facilities – both at the loading and unloading points, so that all those involved can receive the cargo at the controlled temperature and maintain the integrity and viability of the products.

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