SME Transportation Services specializes in overland transportation of import and export cargo

SME Transportation Services Specializes in overland transport of import and export cargo, along with provision of comprehensive solutions for customs agents. After receiving an order from a customer, we take care of all different stages of the process, beginning with coordination with the final client, through execution of the transportation, to unloading the cargo at its destination. We employ professional drivers who are allowed entry to high-security facilities, such as Rephael and Intel. Additionally, our drivers are qualified to deal with release of cargo from the ports and rear terminals in Haifa, Ashdod, and Ben Gurion Airport, as well as to collect cargo intended for export and storing them at the desired port or terminal.

  • Types of import / export transportation services we offer:
  • Transportation via truck equipped with ramps, cranes, forklifts, and mobile tools
  • Packing services for import and export cargos in our warehouse and/or at the customer’s home
  • Climate-controlled and refrigerated transportation
  • Transportation of hazardous materials
  • unique transportation projects
  • Transportation with Customs latches
  • Direct delivery to ships
  • Receipt of air cargo via direct delivery within Ben Gurion Airport’s airspace

Export via air will be collected during the afternoon and stored at Ben Gurion Airport that night or the following morning.

Marine export service is on a daily basis, collected in the afternoon and stored at the requested terminal the following morning.

Marine export will be coordinated with the end client after we receive the gatepass from the customs agent, and will be carried out that day or the following day.

If night parking is required, cargo will be stored in our warehouse in Haifa. This site is protected by a wall, by alarm systems, by state-of-the-art camera systems which surveille the entire storage area.

The site is supervised 24 hours a day, and is connected to a security company communications center, a company which exercises patrols at night and provides full insurance for all goods.

All this is meant to provide our customers with knowledge of our utmost consideration for the safety of their cargo.

For details call 04-8641741