Business Profile

31 years of service, honesty, professionalism, transportation and logistics.

Max Keren Group S.M.E grants professional logistics service from the idea's first draft up to its performance at the endpoint. We grant that service to every customer in the industry and we also provide additional complementary services to the senders and custom agents.

We grant each customer the best treatment and service, and our vast experience taught us that in order to lead our industry, we must divide the group to 3 synchronized companies, while each one of them is an expert in its field in the most professional and profound way possible.

Each group is made of chosen, professional experts that make sure to answer and give the best suited service to each customer.

This divide allows us to give dedicated and personal treatment from the basic transportation and up to big, complex complicated projects.

For each storage or logistics issue, we have the right experts and professionals that will gladly give a real time aid.

Our 3 companies are:
S.M.E storage and logistics
S.M.E transportation services
Max Keren – Heavy Shipping

all those three combine and create together a united and professional group that has 100 expert and leading team members in the logistics and transportation industries.

Our branches in Israel:
Haifa, Ashdod and the Ben Gurion Airport

We have created a professional and secured workplace that feels like a family, and we're proud to say that our most expensive asset is our workers teams and their character around the company.

Our workers drive the system along the whole year, in every hour in the day with great dedication and précised timing.

There's a controlled synchronization between the teams so the team that works at the night duty prepares the actions for the morning after and makes sure that all of those actions will be held in a great and organized matter.

The Group's Values

Keeping up with the schedule, controlled and exact execution of every mission and a constant update to the customer in any moment needed in order to create an honest, continuous and updated communication.


Our Advantages

  • Granting logistic solutions by using the newest and most up to date technologies to improve the processes of transportation. importing, acquisitions, distribution and storage
  • A team of workers that treats the quality assurance and procedure integration in the company. 
  • A fleet of trucks, semitrailers and various dragged vehicles that fit any of the different transportation fields such as: Hazardous substances, out of gauge cargo and more
  • A selection of forklifts starting from 1.5 tons and up to 45 tons and a wide variation of transportation equipment along with shipping and handling machines and placing them in factories
  • We have 2 operative hangars that get over an area of 60 dunams and are placed next to the Haifa Harbor's gate in addition to warehouses and operational logistic areas
  • The hangars are secured by a special guard force and has 24/7 supervision, protection systems and closed circle television under extra supervision from a security center

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Phone: 04-8641741

All rights reserved to MAX KEREN INC

All rights reserved to MAX KEREN INC